The 4 Jaw Cropper
The 4 Jaw Cropper is the cropper of choice for
cutting cast in-situ piles ranging from 300mm to 600mm  leaving the rebar intact.
The Power Pile Cropper

The 4 Jaw Cropper has been designed in-house to break down Cast in-situ piles.
Using the 4 Jaw you can cut a range of piles between 300 – 600mm with ease.

The beauty of the 4 Jaw is simple - All four blades move together, which means no alterations have to be made on site to the cropper when cutting two different sizes of pile.

The 4 Jaw Cropper hangs from the dipper arm of your machine from 4 leg chains which are provided.

Mr Cropper recommend a minimum 13 tonne excavator to carry the 1.3 tonne 4 Jaw Cropper safely.

See specification

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