The Mr Cropper Power Cropper
The Power Cropper is the only cropper in the UK that has 2 functions - Rapid Reduction and 'nibble' to final size.

The Power Pile Cropper

The Mr Cropper Power Cropper is a very powerful machine which is suspended from the dipper arm of an excavator.

Function 1. - The Power Cropper can break off the pile and rebar in one go to enable you to rapidly reduce the pile to a desired level, then dump the waste straight into a dumper or allocated site area.

Function 2. The Power Cropper is then used to 'nibble' the pile, causing the concrete to fracture and leaving the rebar exposed.

The machine is specially designed to be used in trenches and other confined spaces.

Please note that no chains are provided with this machine. - Call 08 9494 2065